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Southern Blast Trailer

Southern Blast Trailer


Presented by @surfrideraus and @benandjerrysoz 

Director @matty_hannon

Producers @deru_desu and @mick.lawrence.524 

Executive Producer Steph Curley

Cinematography and edit @matty_hannon

Original score 

Additional music @maanyung_ and Tim Count

Additional cinematography @onepalmmedia 

Sound design and mix @archie_presley_audio 

Colour @timwreyford_colour 

Assistant camera and grips @josephdaniel_225 

Additional footy @ishkaimagery @chechorleyphoto @madisonjeffery @greenpeace

Searoots cooking @karenza.jane and @botanyofdesire_ 

Film tour producer Kai McGilvary

Cultural consultation Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

Motion Graphics Dmytro Manuienkov

East coast roller Dustin Hollick

Additional research @annieford01 

Still photography @nickgreenphoto 

Special thanks @seano888 @damien_cole86 @stugibson Alex Wylie

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